SMA Solar Inverters

SMA is manufacturer of market leading premium solar and battery inverter solutions for residential, commercial and utility scale segments, for both on and off-grid systems. SMA began operations in Australia in 2007 and with over half a million products already installed across Australia, SMA has more products installed and more experience than any competitor. When your solar and battery system uses SMA solutions, you can be sure you’ve made a wise investment in your own renewable energy future.

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Business / Commercial / Industrial
SMA Tripower 15Kw - 20Kw - 25Kw

Ideal inverter for large-scale commercial and industrial plants.

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Large Homes
SMA SUNNY BOY 3Kw - 3.6Kw - 4Kw - 5Kw

100% Ease and Comfort with SUNNY BOY 3.0kw – 5.0kw

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Large Homes / Business
5Kw - 6Kw - 7Kw - 8Kw - 9Kw - 10Kw - 12Kw

The Three-Phase Inverter – for large homes and businesses

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Home Units / Small Homes
SMA SUNNY BOY 1.2Kw - 1.7Kw - 2.5Kw - 3Kw

 The completely redesigned SMA Sunny Boy  1.2kw - 3kw

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