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Zeversolar inverters 1Kw-3Kw

Large Homes
3.9Kw - 4.6Kw - 5.3Kw

Zeverlution single-phase inverters designed for residential usage

Zeverlution Solar Inverters

The Zeverlution inverter generation combines all aspects of Zeversolar's beliefs into simple, reliable and affordable PV inverters. By introducing a patented inverter topology Zeversolar used less power electronic components for further increased reliability. At the same time Zeversolar have reduced the weight of the inverter by nearly 40%, making it even simpler to install and use. With an even wider MPPT range you can benefit from maximum power more often. Furthermore integrated monitoring via Ethernet or WiFi communication is available, whenever you want, our Zeverlution series.


  • Dual MPPT for flexible installation
  • Lightweight less than 11 kg
  • Compact design with IP65 casing for outdoor use
  • Sunclix connectors for toolless DC wiring
  • Quiet with only 25dB noise
  • High operating altitude of up to 4000m
  • Optional and retrofitable integrated Ethernet and Wi-Fi communication
  • Support of remote firmware update

 Zeverlution 3680 - 5000 Technical data


Input (DC)    
DC convertible power (@cosφ=1) 3900W 4650W 5300w
Max. input voltage 600V
MPP voltage range / rated input voltage 100-520V / 360V
Min. start voltage 80V
Min. feed-in power 6W
Max. input current per MPPT 11A
Number of MPPTs 1
Number of independent MPP inputs 1
Output (AC)    
Rated active power 3680W 4000W 5000W
Max. apparent AC power 3680VA 4400VA 5000VA
Nominal AC voltage / range 220V, 230V, 240V / 180-280V
AC power frequency / range 50, 60 / +-5Hz
Rated power frequency / rated grid voltage 50Hz / 230V
Max. output current 16A 20A 23A
Power factor (@rated power) 1
Adjustable displacement power factor 0.8 inductive ... 0.8 capacitive
Feed-in phases / connection phases 01/01/17
Harmonic distortion (THD) at rated output < 3%
Max. efficiency / European weighted efficiency 97% / 96.3% 97.2% / 96.5% 97.2% / 96.5%
MPPT efficiency 99.50%
Protective devices    
DC isolator
PV iso / Grid monitoring ● / ●
DC reverse polarity protection / AC short-circuit current capability ● / ●
GFCI function
Protection class (according to IEC 62103) / Overvoltage category (according to IEC 60664-1) I / II(DC), III(AC)
General data    
Interfaces: RS485 / RS4851 & Ethernet & WIFI & a.RJ452(DRED) ● / ○  ● / ○  ● / ○ 
Earth Fault Alarm3 cloud based, audible and visible
Display 16 x 2 characters
Dimensions (W x H x D) 341 x 395 x 172mm
Weight 11kg
Cooling concept Convection
Noise emission (typical) < 25 dB(A)@1m
Installation Indoor & Outdoor
Mounting information Wall mounting bracket
DC connection technology SUNCLIX
AC connection technology Screw clamp terminal
Operating temperature range -25℃ ... +60℃ / -13℉ ... +140℉
Relative humidity (non-condensing) 0% ... 100%
Max. operating altitude 4000m (> 3000m derating)
Degree of protection (according to IEC 60529) IP65
Climatic category (according to IEC 60721-3-4) 4K4H
Topology transformerless
Self-consumption (night) < 1W
Standby power < 8.5W
1 - Based on the VDE 4105 requirements active power and apparent power will be limited to 4600W and 4600VA
2 - 21.7A according to AS/NZS4777.2:2015
3 - 2-pin RS485 for connection to approved smart meters in zero export installations (replacing standard RS485 on RJ 45 connector)
4 - Analog RJ45 interface to DRED in Australia & New Zealand
5 - Selectable in ZeverCloud; audible alarm will only be activated in AS4777 setting

● standard
○ optional
- not available


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