LDK 260-235

LDK 260-235

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Product Description

LDK 260-235

Quality & Efficiency Benefits

  • Up to 18% cell efficiency: Highest performance enabled by the latest LDK Solar Wafer Technology
  • 0.5Kg Weight reduction: New lighter frame design, reduced weight enables easier handling for installers
  • PID Resistance: Modules are designed to withstand PID (Potential Induced Degradation)
  • +2% light transmission: High light transmission Anti-Reflective Glass with improved self-cleaning capability
  • 0/+5W Positive tolerance: Positive power tolerance for reliable power output

Insurance & Warranty Benefits

  • 100% Project insurance protection: LDK Solar Secure Insurance is a comprehensive Insurance package which secures your complete project with LDK Solar modules against inherent defects and external damages. It also includes a full backup of LDK Solar product and power warranties.
  • 10-12 years products warranty
  • 25 years 4-steps/linear power warranty


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