Tigo gateway

Tigo Energy® Gateway (GTWY)

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Product Description

Tigo Energy Gateway


The Tigo Energy Maximizer System provides more energy, active management, and enhanced safety for utility, commercial and residential solar arrays. Tigo Energy’s innovative combination of hardware and software increases the output of solar arrays by up to 20 percent, enables module-level monitoring and alerts, and improves safety with module-level deactivation – all provided by a system with industry-leading cost, efficiency, and reliability. The versatile architecture works seamlessly with all standard photovoltaic modules and inverters.


  • Accelerate system payback
  • Maximize the power output of individual modules
  • Reconsider previously rejected projects because of unfavorable shade or orientation
  • Maintain best-in-class conversion efficiency
  • Manage the system with module-level data to minimize operational costs and keep the system at peak performance throughout its lifetime
  • Introduce an unprecedented level of safety for new and existing PV solar installations
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