Excellent Design
All frames of the Mono XTM are anodized to lengthen the lifecycle of modules by forming thick and dense oxide(SiO2) that can help protect modules from electrochemically detrimental factors.

Framing advantages
LG modules have a lower risk of physical twisting, by external forces, because corner screws are used in the frames. A majority of competitor’s modules use a corner-key (without screws) that leaves them more exposed to future distortion.

Wind Loading
LG modules are designed and tested to endure 5400Pa load of pressure, which is equivalent 1,8m of snow on top or a wind speed of 135m/s (=486km/h).

Rain Run Off
LG modules have a unique drainage design to minimize micro particle deposits. These deposits can interfere with the performance of a module as they leave remnants on the surface after humidity evaporates.

Soldering Advantages
LG uses our Plasma Display Panel double printing technology to create very narrow, but deeper soldered finger contacts. This technique increases the light absorbing area, reduces electrode resistance and maximizes currents.

EL Testing
All LG modules undergo EL inspections to detect any micro cracks prior to shipment. The EL tests is a type of x-ray screening of the module and allows LG quality control staff to identify “invisible” cracks that are difficult to be detected via the naked eye.

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The Australian Government’s Solar Credits Program is not means tested and is available to just about everyone – households, community groups and smallbusiness!

Solar Panels

Solar panels convert sunlight into usable electricity. Advanced All Energy use only advanced, high wattage solar panels for all our solar installations.  We use 200, 250 and 300 watt panels because they have less embodied energy, are durable, do not contain heavy metals (unlike thin film solar products) and have a proven track record.

The panels also require less space.  This is great if you don’t have a lot of Northern roof exposure, because less panels are required to achieve your desired energy output. Advanced All Energy premium solar panels have the highest efficiency in the industry and a 10/25 year power output warranty.


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Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer

Roof Panels

Advanced All Energy can provide a grid-connect roof mounted system to suit your budget and energy needs.  Roof-mounted systems can be installed on homes or sheds, and our custom mounts can help if your roof isn’t facing North.  Small and large scale commercial systems are also available.

What size system do I need?

You can install a solar system to cover part or all of your home energy usage, or earn some money by adding more panels and selling your excess electricity back into the grid.  Retailers pay 9.8cents per kWh for the surplus power your solar system exports to the grid.
Advanced All Energy have solar packages starting from 1.5kW, which will cover about a quarter of the power used by an average Australian household.  We have standard residential packages up to 10 kW, however we can build a custom solution up to any size, to cover any requirements you may have.

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A solar inverter is a device that transforms DC battery or solar panel voltage into mains type AC power; suitable for use by regular appliances. A solar inverter is an integral part of a system, but attention to this aspect is often overlooked. You can have the best solar panels available, but if your solar inverter is of poor quality, overall system performance can be greatly impacted.

Whether it’s a grid connect solar inverter you need or a small 12 volt power inverter for off-grid use; we have the range, brands and prices that are sure to impress! If you’re not sure which is the best inverter for your requirements, our friendly team will gladly help you with expert advice.

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Pool Pumps

Instantly reduce your energy costs and emissions
Switching to an energy-efficient pool pump will bring you instant savings on your power bill while drastically reducing your carbon emissions and maintenance costs. Paired with solar panels, this has the potential to save 100% of your pool power usage.
High-efficiency DC motor technology
Driven by highly efficient DC motor technology, solar pool pumps run almost twice as efficiently as standard AC motors per litre of water, and in low-power mode, operate at over 90% efficiency. This means that for each Watt of power put in, you’re getting almost the exact same output, with minimal losses. This is thanks to the wonders of brushless motor technology – there are no moving parts or points of friction within the rotating part of the motor, which also greatly extends lifespan and minimises maintenance concerns.